Restaurant Cal Pelegrí de Corbera d'Ebre, Terra Alta



Be after twenty years working as a cook.
Together with my family, I decided to open a restaurant in
Corbera d'Ebre. Pelegrí Cal. The experience has taught me
a good restaurant is like a three-tamburete
patas.Una represents the atmosphere, quiet, calm,
cozy, definitely nice. Another is dealing with the
customer service offering that is expected. And
Third and last, fundamental, the kitchen. In gastronomy
our house will find a range of dishes from
traditional gastronomy and typical of our land.

The Terra Alta to a complete menu of cuisine









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   We have a multipurpose hall for

     • business lunches
     • meetings
     • presentations of all kinds
     • Meals for groups
     • Tours (Visit the Museum Battle of the Ebro, old people, etc ...)
     • Anniversaries








                    Menu Anti Crisis





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